"The Soul of India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi


With "Around the village" we give you a chance to explore soul.Around the Village is a Home stay with an electic  Agro-rural theme at its core.While our lives are entangled in the mesh of urban living we all deserve a hreak from it and go explore the countryside.At Around the Village our aim is to enrich your "Me" time with experiences, memories and help rekindle the child spirit in you, while promoting tourism in the rural parts of North Karnataka & to create self-sustainable model of rural development.  

We provide an opportunity for the visitors to explore & experience the village culture very quickly losing roots.You have the opportunity to explore the country side living through village tour, farm stay, farm activities, rural games, village festivals, visit to important historical & religious places nearby.

"Around the village" is located in a small hamlet called Nittur (B) near Bidar Karnataka.  It is approximately 3.5 hrs drive from Hyderabad and is also easily accessible by rail & road from cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, etc.  




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