* Revive your inner soul by mesmerizing and clear sunrise & sunset from the farm river.

* Experience firsthand seasonal farm activities like ploughing, harrowing, sowing, cutting, harvesting, planting trees, etc.

* Explore and understand different types of irrigation system (Drip, Flood, Sprinklers, etc.) to get a holistic experience of running farm.

* Leisure strolls  through the village, weekly market to soak in the village Life.

* Visit the local temple.

* Explore different crops - fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses & fodder and learn about what goes in to growing healthy & clean Farm  Produce.

* Marvel at the view of beautiful local and nearby historic & religious places.

* Experience the earthy feel pf a barn and mooing, milking, and feeding of cows with a visit to the dairy farm.

* Visit the oil mill to understand the oil extraction procedure.

* Just relax or read under a mango/guava tree for those who are looking to simply get one with nature.

* Enjoy star gazing, under the clear, un-piluted village sky.

* Have a family barbeque & camp fire while listening to the humming of cricket and the tiny sparkles of fireflies.

* Birdwatching in the home turf to peacocks, cuckoos, maina, white stork, Indian pitta, Brahminy kite & other beautiful birds.

* Group activity/workshop as per your requirements.

* Be a child once again playing traditional rural games long forgotten.

* Bullock cart rides to revive the memories you my have or to create a new memory to cherish.