* Renew your energies by watching beautiful sunrise & sunset from the farm & river.

* Try your hand at doing seasonal farm activities such as ploughing, harrowing,
   sowing, cutting, harvesting, planting trees, etc.

* Explore different types of irrigation system (Drip, Flood, Sprinklers, etc.)

* Stroll through the village, weekly market & visit the village temple.

* Explore different crops - fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses & fodder.

* Marvel at the view of beautiful historic & religious places.

* Visit the oil mill & check out a dairy/poultry farm.

* Just relax or read under a mango/guava tree.

* Enjoy star gazing, barbeque & camp fire.

* Watch peacocks & other beautiful birds.

* Feeding & milking cow, buffalo.

* Group activity/workshop etc.

* Play traditional rural games.

* Bullock cart rides.


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