About US

The Place

“Around the Village”
At Post Village Nittur (B)
TQ Bhalki, Dist Bidar,
Karnataka - 585401, India.

The People.  

Sandeep Nitturkar
Sandeep is a post graduate in Computer management & has worked with IT services companies for more than 12 years.   Sandeep’s move to start “Around the village” was a conscious decision based on his desire to return to his roots, be connected with nature & pursue farming.  

Meena Nitturkar
Meena is an MBA from Pune University and has been working with many schools in Pune, Hyderabad & Bidar as a teacher as she believes that knowledge is waste until it is shared with others.   She has keen interest in art, music & dance. She looks after reservations & finance of “Around the village”.

The Mission

* To create employment opportunities in Rural area/Villages.

* Increase awareness about the traditional & cultural practices of the region.

* Increase visibility of the places of Cultural, Historical & Religious importance of the region.




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